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6 Keys to Your IT Career Success

Career Goal Setting

In Module #1, you'll learn to set goals, using not just the S.M.A.R.T. method, but also using the D.U.M.B. method. You'll then go through your own "destiny design" workshop and learn how to stay on-track.

Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job

In Module #2, you'll discover strategies for finding your dream job. Then, you'll see how to polish your resume and shine in your IT job interview.

Starting Your Own IT Consulting Company

In Module #3, you'll learn tactical steps to start your own IT consulting company. This company could become your full-time job, or you could use it to gain experience for your resume.

Exam Preparation Strategies

In Module #4, you'll learn Kevin's 7-step framework used to prepare for any IT exam, including techniques to be calm and resourceful as you begin your exam.

Time Management

In Module #5, you'll understand the elements for four of the major time management practices out there today, plus Kevin's 3-step time management process.

Customize Your Certification Path

In Module #6, you'll determine YOUR next certification goal, and discover why you need to learn SDN and Cyber Ops now. Finally, you'll decide if the Cisco CCIE certification is right for you or not.

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